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Why We ‘Tribe’

Why We Tribe

tribe /


  1. a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect
  2. group of people, often of related families, who live together, sharing the same languageculture, and historyespecially those who do not live in towns or cities
  3. large family or other group that someone belongs to
  4. The term tribe is used in many different contexts to refer to a category of human social group

According to Wikipedia, “the word tribe first occurred in English in 12th-century Middle English-literature, in reference to the twelve tribes of Israel. The Middle English word is derived from Old French tribu and, in turn, from Latin tribus (plural tribลซs). ‘Tribes are therefore considered to be a political unit formed from an organisation of families (including clans and lineages) based on social or ideological solidarity. Membership of a tribe may be understood simplistically as being an identity based on factors such as kinship (“clan”), ethnicity (“race”), language, dwelling place, political group, religious beliefs, oral tradition and/or cultural practices.”

… an identity based on factors such as kinship, ethnicity, language, dwelling place, political group, religious beliefs, oral traditional, cultural practices.


“Of course you’re struggling, Mary. You have no tribe.”

Her words on my screen from 10,000km away seared through my eyes. They imprinted themselves on my mind. She was right.

I had just birthed twins in a foreign country. I had no support, no contacts, no recommendations, no referrals, no friends. I was alone. I had no tribe.

And it was this experience of isolation, disconnect, uncertainty, and fear, that drove me, a year later, to build Lella: a worldwide tribe. Lella is a family a group of Wellness, Beauty, and Mama/Baby Pros committed to connecting with others (women + mamas in particular!) to help them feel, look, live, be their best. The Lella tribe is for women, all women, looking to connect; with each other, or with Pros and Experts who can help light their way.

Whether she’s a busy businesswoman who uses Lella to book a haircut at work or a mama of 3 who orders a massage therapist to her home while the little ones nap.

Whether it’s a manicure, a yoga class, or a middle-of-the-night virtual call with a lactation consultant because baby won’t latch – this tribe is for her.

Imagine the power of a village – of 1:1 personalized support drawn from individualized recommendations curated with every unique woman in mind… that’s the power of this tribe. In my own isolation, I built the tribe I needed – linked by the common culture of inclusivity, representation, support, and growth.

Here is that we stand for, our Lella Culture Compass:

Why We Tribe

At Lella, we believe that love is love, and that love is never wrong. We pride ourselves on a global network of Pros who self-identify as safe spaces for the LGBTQ community. ๐ŸŒˆ

At Lella we believe that a rising tide floats all boats, a candle loses nothing by lighting another flame, and that in a world where you can be anything – be kind. In this tribe, it’s community above competition and it always will be. โค๏ธ

At Lella, we have been encouraged to examine our privilege and reflect upon how we can be better allies to our BIPOC friends. We consume research and media that amplifies voices different to our own and we celebrate diversity in all of its forms. We are committed to being better, always. ๐Ÿ–ค

Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.” At Lella, we are curious. We listen to minds more brilliant and ideas more radical. We believe that climate change is real and that we are all made of stardust. โœจ

The Lella Culture Compass is our True North, our guiding star, the manifesto by which we were conceived, have grown, are launching, and will continue to grow together. We feel strongly in the missive we represent and will continue to evolve as our strength and community expands worldwide. ๐ŸŒ

On this team, we believe in one big global tribe. We welcome all races and faces, citizenships, and creeds with open arms. Our community connections are made with a smile as Mother Teresa said once that smiles are the beginning of love. Yes, we want to change the world – but first, we will work on loving one another – because that’s where everything begins.

All of us – we believe that the future is female. We are a female-led company with a team of badass and brilliant women at the helm of our strategy, ethos, and message. We don’t aspire to be delicate like a flower; instead, we’re delicate like a bomb.

At Lella, we believe in the power of “Tribe”: a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect. Wikipedia tells us, “The term tribe is used in many different contexts to refer to a category of human social group.” We are a community linked by the common culture of THIS compass: connection, evolution, support. We believe in the power of being better, together.

Despite being a female-focused community, all of us at Lella celebrate the magic and beauty of men in our lives. We’re saddened to see that most men never experience the chance to grow through formal training or rights of massage to embrace healthy masculinity – and we believe this needs to change. Our tribe is brimming with Pros who offer healthy masculinity insights, focus, and training, 1:1 coaching, and therapy. Empowered women empower men to be more female.

This is our True North, our guiding star, the direction(s) our needle points. This is the ethos of this brand but more importantly, of the people for whom it was built.

This is why we Tribe.

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