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We Stand.

We are stronger as a community

Remember the power of the MeToo movement? The strength and solidarity of standing up together and finding safety and solace in numbers? It’s time to say it again. “Me, too.” But today the message is different.

We are not indifferent. We are not apathetic. We won’t be silent.


The strength of one is limited, but against a pack, unstoppable.

Lella, an early-days tech startup, seemingly still insignificant on a global sphere, is made up of a team of strangers-turned-teammates who shared a common vision of technology changing the way women make things happen.

We are privileged. Despite coming from four different continents and wearing a dozen different shades of skin tone, we are safe, we are sheltered, we are fed, and we are privileged. 

In our solidarity with those who aren’t, Lella is moving towards a distinctly more diverse messaging. Our online presence, our messaging, our mobile app and our real-world deserves to be as diverse as we are, and it is our responsibility to elevate the voices struggling to assert themselves.

From today, and forward, if you are a BIPOC, minority, underrepresented wellness/beauty/baby Pro, we’re offering you even more stage space on the Lella network, more exclusive offers/opportunities, and a stronger voice to in addressing our tribe.

We are not indifferent.
We are not apathetic.
We won’t be silent – except when it is to listen, and learn – as we are doing now.

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