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A Postpartum Tribe | Lella founder inspired after giving birth abroad

Have you ever traveled to a foreign place and tried to do something, anything, that would normally be a breeze back home?

Ordering take-out, applying for a parking permit, buying hair conditioner. It’s trickier, right? Not speaking the language, not knowing the customs, being unsure of exactly where to turn.

Now imagine ending up in that foreign place – and giving birth to twins. Hard things are hard under the best of circumstances, but now imagine doing that hard thing without the support of friends nearby, without services you’re familiar with, and without a trusted contact for recommendations or referrals.

When Lella founder, Mary, welcomed twins abroad, the months that followed were dark and difficult.

“I never thought birthing babies could leave me teetering on the edge of life and death. I needed a tribe, and I needed it fast.

Mary attributes her wellbeing to the expertise of dozens of professionals she worked with to heal a traumatic birth. Her postpartum tribe was made up of a reflexologist, an acupuncturist, massage therapist, pelvic floor specialist, a lactation consultant, trauma therapist, an EMDR specialist, an herbalist, postpartum doula, n spiritual healer, an overnight nanny, daytime nanny, and an infant sleep specialist (most of whom can be booked on Lella now!)

“These were the women that formed a tribe I didn’t know I needed, to get through one of the most difficult experiences of my life.”

Meaningful Matches, Conscious Connection

Lella was inspired by Mary’s belief that technology can be used to generate meaningful matches and conscious connection even in our hyper-connected yet faceless and isolated reality. Think, ‘dating website for booking services’ and matching service pros with clients they’ll love.

But Lella services aren’t limited to supporting women going through difficult times. Lella is a community made of up Health, Wellness, Beauty and Mama/Baby pros; from hair stylists and makeup artists to yoga instructions and self-care coaches.

“I believed in building a platform that would move connections we make from the technology we use to the tribe we need.”

Imagine a booking tool that connects you with experts for the services, insight, and advice you need – nearby and around the world – anytime, anywhere. Clients and Pros are matched not just by skillset and location but also personality, preferences, lifestyle, even native language spoken.

Lella is like that girlfriend you text anytime you’re looking for a recommendation; you trust her not only because she knows who’s the best of the best, but most importantly because she knows you.

Villages raise children. Tribes support women.

Mary Bratko, Lella founder

Whether you’re a Pro offering services in-person or online, or you’re a woman looking for ways to live, look, feel, be your best self…. we have a tribe waiting for you here. And we can’t wait for you to join.

Lella is available for download now!

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