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From Inside Our Tribe :: Meet trispectivetarot

Meet trispectivetarot

Imagine having a question – any question – about any theme or circumstance in your life. Whether it’s a relationship, a work dynamic, a personal nagging, a pursuit for understanding – and you’re looking for some fresh angles for reflection. Three powerful women, three independent reflections and insight into your specific circumstance woven together by the common thread of a single card drawn from a tarot deck. It’s like mysticism meets WhatsApp group chat… connecting with the strength and energy of three girlfriends driven by nothing more than selfless support and space held especially for you. Meet trispectivetarot.

Meet trispectivetarot.

Meet trispectivetarot
{ photo credit: Paje Honor }

“I was about 16 years old when I walked past an oversized book about Tarot at a local flea market. I was drawn to it and brought it home with me. A few more years would pass before I opened it up and began studying its pages – but when I did – everything changed.”

Paje Honor is the founder and 1/3 of trispectivetarot, a unique reading experience offered by three powerful intuitives: Paje, Catherine, and Sarah. One reading, three different interpretations and perspectives on the question at hand (readings can be made from one card or integrated based on three cards or three tarot + three oracle cards).

But she hasn’t always been open and forthcoming about her fascination for tarot, explains Paje.

Meet trispectivetarot
Paje Honor, trispectivetarot

“I used to worry about what others would think of me, how I would be judged for believing in the power of intuitive reflection and spiritual connection derived from the analysis of messages through tarot.”

“I always craved to understand as much as I could about myself and those around me. Tarot allowed me to do that”

paje honor

It was more recently in her own personal transformation and realizations about her own intuitive, mystical nature that Paje came to unapologetically share her divinity, passion, and openness to mysticism – especially alongside two powerful soul sisters who shared the same.

Despite its marred reputation across the centuries, particularly in the shift of the world from a matriarchal secular society to a patriarchal, religious one, tarot isn’t the devil’s work or anything supernatural.

Tarot is simply a tool for personal insight, spiritual development, reflection, transformation.

Paje, trispectivetarot

Meet the Readers…


Meet trispectivetarot

Paje is an Aquarius though and through. Creative, quirky, and always looking at the bigger picture.

{read more about Paje, her journey, and far-reaching initiatives here}


Meet trispectivetarot

She’s been working with tarot since she was sixteen years old.

My best friend at the time gave me my first reading with her Romani grandmother’s deck and blew my mind.

cat, trispectivetarot

Over the years, Cat has turned to the wisdom of tarot over and over again to guide her deeper toward her own inner wisdom. She’s made tarot a powerful part of her work as a journal therapist, using the symbolism of the cards to create writing/meditation prompts for clients.

“When Paje pitched this idea to me, it seemed like a wonderful way to integrate the therapeutic work I offer with a fun collaboration with two women who are near and dear to my heart. I’m so excited to be able to offer my unique approach to tarot with all of you, and help you on your journey.”

(read about Cat’s initiative, The Sacred Pen on Lella here),


Her name is Sarah, a Pisces Aquarius Cusp.

For much of my life I couldn’t see the value in Astrology. But that has really changed over the years.

Sarah, trispectivetarot

Sarah explains, “I find it so interesting that cuspers often gravitate towards other cuspers. In friendships and in relationships. Some of the people I love very dearly, including my husband are also cuspers. I tend to be more of a Pisces Creative, very emotional, compassionate and empathetic, very affectionate and I looooove to sleep. I have a big heart and I love with reckless abandon. I tend to take on others emotions and I let my fears guide me far too often. I also tend to be quite cautious. On the Aquarius side I’m quite rebellious and dance to my own beat. My fashion sense is hella offbeat. I am truly an individual. Although I can be independent and my thoughts and ideas are truly my own. I often look to those I trust for guidance, which is not so much an Aquarius trait.”

So, when you understand astrology and tarot simply as avenues for further personal reflection and inner wisdom, you find they provide framework by which to make sense of yourself, others, and the world. And, let’s face it, we could all use a little more framework and understanding these days, right?

Mary’s Reading…

“The moment I learned about TrispectiveTarot, I needed to give it a try.” – explains Mary, the founder and CEO of Lella.

Always openly intuitively-driven and in relentless pursuit of evolution, it’s no accident that Mary seeks out support and connection with likeminded thinkers / dreamers / feelers.

One card came up when Paje ruminated on Mary’s draw…

The Six of Wands

“Of course my topic for the TrispectiveTarot draw was Lella. There’s nothing else currently demanding more of my self, time, energy, and intuition than launching this magnitude of a project. It’s where I’m most vulnerable, engaged, exhausted, aware.”

Here is what the readers had to say:

  • public recognition, victory, progress, self-confidence
  • “Have faith, the outcome will be victorious”
  • “the spotlight is about to shine on you”
  • “accept this time of recognition and growth”
  • “Your success will last longer when you share it with those who helped make it happen”

From Paje: “Surround yourself with your tribe, the people who believe in you and helped bring this project into reality. It’s almost time for celebration. Don’t give up. Keep pushing through any difficult moments you’re facing.”

  • celebration of accomplishments
  • a journey you should be proud of
  • not just a professional journey but a personal one as well
  • “You have experienced incredible growth”
  • “This is such a powerful card and so beautifully fitting for you”
  • “Continue growing and cultivating your personal brand”

From Sarah: “You have garnered a lot of positive attention and as you build and grow your efforts will be received in a positive way. It’s time to take tings to the next level. Things are only going to continue getting better from here.”

And from Cat, writing prompts inspired by the Six of Wands… “Reflecting on ideal places in which I crave for Lella to be seen, my passion for connecting people with this project, how I foresee Lella growing offline, and how to I wish for Lella to be spoken about and reciprocated for those who’ve helped along the way.”

Their reading, insight, and long-distance support was unignorable. These women are so powerful, and anyone pulled into their space – their energy, their intention – will not come out the same.

Mary, founder @ Lella

Do you have questions about tarot? Have you ever wondered about the difference between oracle cards and a tarot deck? Curious to ask for insight and reflection on a topic particularly important to you?

Arrange a free 15 minute call with Paje or book your trispectivetarot reading on Lella

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