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From Inside Our Tribe :: Meet Cat

Have you struggled with….

Crippling anxiety?


Toxic relationships?

Unhealthy work environments?

Intimacy issues?

A nagging sense of dissatisfaction or lack of purpose?

If you feel called to add to your wellness kit and self-care hygiene, if writing has always been a process you’re drawn to and nourished by, meet Cat.

She’s an indie author, blogger, poet, transformational coach, and intuitive guide. She’s a mama of three, and a self-proclaimed soul-writer who attributes her sacred pen to saving her life and guiding her through game-changing connections on more than one occasion.

your wellness kit and self-care hygiene
Catherine Skinner, The Sacred Pen

Cat’s transformational coaching initiative, The Sacred Pen, combines self-reflection and the art of journal writing to create a tool she’s coined Reflective Writing: a therapeutic process that borrows from several different disciplines, primarily cognitive behavioural therapy.

The words we write are for our own eyes, and the process of moving thought and feeling from the mind and heart to the physical page is like alchemy.

Unlocking the Power of Journal Therapy

Worried about not being a good writer? Journal therapy is not about finding poetry or the perfect words to describe feeling. It’s about allowing yourself to connect with emotion and thought and, most importantly, granting yourself permission to release anything that needs to come forth from the innermost corners of your mind, heart, soul. Your words are ultimately for your eyes only, not under scrutiny by anyone else.

The Sacred Pen offers 1:1, couples’, and small circle sessions in which clients share their questions, struggles, reflections and are given guided writing prompts to explore life themes and personal circumstances. While not necessary to benefit from reflective writing (any life circumstances can benefit from this therapeutic process) it’s often those dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, and grief, that serve to uncover the most powerful, pivotal realizations.

Catherine leads clients through fully customized, one-hour writing sessions. Each session begins with a grounding exercise followed by some hand and finger exercises. Prompts are offered up and the client is encouraged to write then and there. Unabashed. Pen to paper.

With Pen In Hand…

Handwriting specifically (rather than typing) is not only encouraged but strictly required to access the innermost working of the mind and heart. Pen in hand makes the connection more intimate, more organic, and is necessary for growth.

Sometimes Cat uses a timer for writing prompts, while other streams of consciousness are organic and unlimited. Periodically there’s a need to pause, reflect, and offer feedback so further personalization and individualized attention can be given where required. Clients are encouraged to share AT their comfort levels, and reflection is performed together on discoveries the writing process has unlocked.

Why Write?

Traditional therapy techniques capitalize on the power of communication and reflection between therapist and client, whereas writing offers an added layer of power – spontaneous creation. When words jump to our mind and appear on a page before us, we’re called to give ourselves deeper permission to access our own subconscious, often subliminal, truth. The words we write are for our own eyes, and the process of moving thought and feeling from the mind and heart to the physical page is like alchemy.

Writing heals by creating a sacred container for our innermost struggles and revelations. In this process, we share everything with ourselves first, and then unpack what we feel safe sharing with someone else.

Sacred Pen sessions are $75 CAD, with Couples’ Sessions available for $100 CAD. Group sessions are also offered and custom-planned for the size of your particular circle.

Arrange a free 15 minute call with Cat or book your Sacred Pen session on Lella ❤

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