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From Inside Our Tribe :: Meet Paje

This is Paje Honor's Story

This is Paje Honor’s Story

Paje Honor, of Honor Beauty (and so much more) was originally a top-rated hair stylist and makeup artist from the PrettyBird app. Today, as PrettyBird evolved and transformed into something so much more meaningful, it’s no surprise that we circled back to Paje only to learn she, too, has evolved and transformed into so much more as well.

Paje Honor, of Honor Beauty

Paje’s relentless pursuit to understand herself and those around her started at a young age. Curiousity always pointed her in a direction to know more.

“I was probably around 16 years old when I was browsing a flea market one Sunday afternoon and came across a book about Tarot. It would be years before I opened the book and began to learn, but as soon as I did I knew it was powerful and I knew I needed to know more.”

Afraid of the judgment and misconceptions the world had about tarot readers, Paje kept her intuitive gift mostly private – reading only for close friends and family where her perspective would be safe from judgment and blame.

A passion and affinity for transformation led Paje down the path of makeup and hair.

I was always a friend that was doing hair and make up for everyone else, and loved being artistic. I went to school for special effects with the intention of working in movie and TV. When I had my baby I realized I couldn’t be on set for full days with a newborn so I decided to start my own business. I’ve been doing wedding beauty full time since 2010!

Paje, honor beauty

Her artistic talents and personable character quickly rocketed Honor Beauty to the front page of countless bridal magazines and she seemingly effortlessly topped Southern Ontario’s list of Beauty Pros. Wedding season after wedding season brides flooded Paje’s inbox requesting her expertise in getting gorgeous for their big day. But after a decade of flourishing in her art, Paje is beginning to think about stepping down from her beauty throne and focusing inward.

“I have spent a decade transforming women from the outside-in…. now I’m moving forward transforming them from the inside-out.”

From Honor Beauty, and inspired by her own survival of domestic violence, came Paje’s non-profit initiative, the SheBeOK Project.

This is Paje Honor's Story
SheBeOKproject, Non-profit initiative by Paje Honor

What does S.H.E B.E O.K stand for?
She is HAPPY
She is KIND

The #shebeok project is a collective of artists and businesses providing free self-care services to girls and women affected by bullying and/or abuse.

“I want women to know their power.” she said. And in that moment it was so clear that Paje is meant to play a pivotal role in the evolution of the Lella tribe.

“It’s not selfish to… “

We chatted at length about the tendency for women to put everyone else before themselves: their family, their partner, their children, their friends, their colleagues, their boss. Paje’s missive (and Lella’s, too!) is to draw the focus back to women, reminding them of the importance of self-care, self-preservation, filling their own cup, putting on their own oxygen mask before assisting someone else.

“I’m creative, quirky, and always looking at the bigger picture.” Paje explained. “I sometimes care about humanity as a whole more than the individual, which also seems paradoxical because I prefer working with clients one on one instead of in a group setting. I march to the beat of my own drum, listen to my intuition like nobody’s business, and have a slight obsession with antique furniture, plants, and photography.”

Following her intuition and a message she received in a dream, Paje joined efforts with two of her closest intuitive, Tarot-reading friends and launched Trispective Tarot {feature post on this coming soon!}

Paje’s penchant for photography and her personal drive to amplify messages of body positivity and melanated voices is manifesting in a beautiful collaboration for the Lella brand, with more details to be shared shortly.

Book your free 15-minute “Get To Know Tarot” session with Paje, or procure your custom 3-card draw and interpretation with trispectivetarot on Lella.

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