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Astrology for Millennials | Meet Hagan Fox

Astrology for Millennials

He’s the son of an astrologer. He’s been studying and practicing for most of his life; well over 40 years now.

Meet Hagan Fox: luminary, cosmic therapist, and Lella’s resident astrologer.

I speak the language of the stars.

Hagan fox

The Lella crew met Hagan by fortunate accident, you could say – though he’ll be quick to tell you there are no accidents in this life.

“I’ve spent 40 years observing, watching, and understanding the two things I’m most fascinated by: the cosmos, and people. You’d be surprised how much the two are related to one another!” Hagan explains.

He was only 21 when Hagan set sail on his astrological odyssey. Armed with his father’s tutelage he set forth to bring about his own astrological methodologies and over time he chose to fuse Eastern and Western philosophies to give rise to what he uses for readings of people today.

So what is it, exactly, that an Astrologist does? Well, Hagan specializes in the astrological make-up of our character, that is, an innate sense of who we are as people based on the alignment of the stars and planets in the moment we took our first breath. Astrology enthusiasts seek to use this cosmic roadmap as a guide by which to dissect the most complex mystery of human interactions: chemistry.

According to Hagan, most of us are missing a deep understanding of three basic elements of that elusive happiness we seek:

  • who we truly are
  • unconditional love for ourself
  • unconditional love for others

No big deal, right? *sarcastic eye-roll*

But according to Hagan, it’s not as complicated as we think:

When life gets in the way, we unknowingly lose sight of ourselves, our identity, the essence of the soul we were born to be.

Your astrological birth chart reading, sometimes referred to as your Natal Chart, gives you insight into your personality. Of course it’s not to say that any of these characteristics are outside of your control – quite the opposite – the better you understand them, the more influence you have over them vs. power they have over you. Hagan explains, “Once we understand ourselves we are able to fully integrate and contribute to relationships and society in a way that not only benefits ourselves but everyone around us.”

Hagan’s work over the decades has disentangled complexities of family dynamics, workplace relationships, and personal one-on-one interactions with friends or lovers. His clients flock to him from around the world and stagger in line to wait for his famous readings about themselves, their partner, even their children.

Family readings are exceptionally powerful. They give (my clients) insight into who their child will become as an adult. When a parent understands the character of their young one they can accommodate certain behaviours and understanding which in turn will allow Little One to thrive!

What do you need to get an accurate birth chart reading from Hagan? Nothing more than your gender (the one you identify with) and date of birth. So much of astrology is inaccessible to most of us because we don’t know our exact time of birth (and many veins of astrology require that you know specifically, to within four minutes!)

So, why every four minutes?

“In Astrology, every 4 minutes, the Ascendant (the way you are perceived by others) and Midheaven (your career) change positions. For traditional Astrologers, this is pivotal…but not for me. There are about 10 house systems that all astrologers disagree over. Each house system generates a different Ascendant and Midheaven (!), making it a redundant force in my view. My system does not utilize this Information, which makes my readings accessible to everyone, everywhere – with the same degree of accuracy. I created my system many Moons ago because most of us don’t know our exact time of birth.”

Wouldn’t this mean that we’re all the same, then?

Hagan laughs and responds:

“I said to my Father (an astrologer and formative tutor) when I was 14 that every 12th person being the same  character doesn’t make sense. He obviously explained the 4-minute rule but even then I was dissatisfied with that answer. Hence my sojourn into Chinese astrology. That commenced when I was 19 and it led to my system of 1440 different characters and over 2 million 1-2-1 compatible combos.”

He explains that it took him roughly 16/17 years of observational study to reach a point of knowledge where he felt comfortable sharing it, and a further 19 years (bringing us to now) where the knowledge is totally innate to who he is.

Meet Astrology for Millennials

“A baby born to a millionaire in Manhattan, and a baby born into poverty in Mumbai on the same day will absolutely be of the same character. These traits of the character will show differently based on environment and circumstance but they are in essence the same character. For example: strong, determined, dependable will mean Manhattan boy is likely to successfully take over the family corporation, while strong, determined, and dependable Mumbai boy will work hard and fight his way to a better life – but they will both display the same characteristics.”

He elaborates, “All of it has to do with electromagnetism and geometry. Astrology, at the ground level, is an extraordinarily complex mathematical system. All astrologers in ancient times were well respected mathematicians as well as astrologers.”

Meet Astrology for Millennials
Ancient Astrology, the Babylonian Zodiac {courtesy of:}

And soooo, for our sake, I think we’ll leave it at that!

So, what happens when I contact Hagan for a reading?

A Birth Chart reading with the great Hagan Fox comes in the form of a colourful, personally-written Character Profile. His charming, witty, and insightful description takes into account all facets of your character, written in a way that helps you visualize yourself and understand yourself for who you truly are (underneath all that stuff that life told you to become!)

You see, the majority of us spend an inordinate amount of our time trying to fit peoples’ expectations, so we progressively lose sight of who we TRULY are. 

‘The essence of a happy life, is to understand oneself, love oneself, and allow our true selves to be loved by others’ 

Hagan Fox

You know, Hagan is so right when he says, “There is such an uncomplicated joy to simply accepting who we are.” He says this is what set him on a path to wanting ot help others understand themselves, love themselves, and be loved by others.

Self love leads to self-preservation… and ultimately, happiness. 

Hagan Fox

Lella’s Founder, Mary, Weighs In…

Our founder, Mary, wanted to test-drive Hagan’s knowledge firsthand. Not only did he blow her away with his personality profile of who she is, but he proceeded to “read” her partner, her mother, her mother-in-law, and even her twin toddlers! Hagan’s personality profiles can give you insight into yourself but also into those you love, a sense of framework and meaning – a constant reminder of your own innate character.

“From the moment I heard the name Hagan Fox I just knew I had to get to know him. Since then Hagan has not only given me readings about who I am, who my partner is, and who my twin babies will one day become – but he’s stepped in to give me insight on potential Lella new-hires, the personality dynamics of our existing team members, dates and years to make big moves both professionally and beyond… he even helped me understand why I stopped getting along with my mother-in-law! (haha)

But for real… Hagan’s insight isn’t mystical…. it’s mathematical… and it’s spot-freaking-on. Highly recommend. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

Do you have questions for Hagan? Have you ever wondered about the personality profile that makes you who you are or gives insight into why things unfold they way they do for you? Curious to ask for insight and reflection on a life topic or relationship particularly close to you?

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