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“PrettyBird” Is Now Lella | where our Vibe attracts our Tribe

‘You can tell who the strong women are; they’re the ones building each other up instead of tearing each other down

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There is nothing more powerful in this world than women who know their worth, and it was Mary’s dream to build something meaningful, impactful, and unforgettable to change the lives of women around her.From a background in neuroscience to becoming a serial entrepreneur, she quickly learned that life was better lived on her own terms – and that’s when Mary set out to create this opportunity for other women as well.

But could she really build a tech platform that connected women with one another? Those looking for services and those offering them – to bring them together in a way that was meaningful and would have lasting impact on both lives? While her early journey may have begun with a booking app for makeup and hair it was always meant to evolve into something more than that.

PrettyBird Beginnings

Canada’s early launch of the PrettyBird app saw thousands of early adopters excited for this trailblazing technology. You can tead about PrettyBird’s launch in the Toronto Guardian here. Unfortunately this 1s-of-its-kind technology couldn’t withstand the early strain of such high traffic and PrettyBird set out to rebuild once again.

In the meantime, PrettyBird Weddings launched to operate Canada’s largest-scale bridal beauty campaign and styled thousands of Brides and their BFFs coast to coast. All the while, Mary felt an inkling that PrettyBird was meant to be bigger than hair and makeup on a wedding day.

“I wanted to take the basic premise of booking beauty-on-demand and expand it to all the other services women use in their lives. There’s so much more to our health, wellness, and happiness than just perfectly-winged liner or a boho braid.”

The evolution of PrettyBird was underway. And it was Mary’s personal story of moving overseas and birthing twins in a foreign country that solidified the immersive wellness that Lella would be built to offer.

“Everyone knows that it takes a village to raise a child, but we’ve forgotten about the tribe it takes to support women – especially mamas!” Read about Mary’s postpartum journey here.

where our Vibe attracts our Tribe
It takes a tribe…

And so, it’s time! After six months of intense building behind-the-scenes, Lella is ready to make her debut!

Booking your lifestyle services will never be the same again. Whether you’re booking beauty services in-salon like haircuts or waxing, at-home wellness like physiotherapy or 1:1 yoga, even virtual visits with wellness coaches or a relationship therapist, Lella makes finding top Pros nearby easy, and matches you with experts you’ll love using a uniquely powerful personal recommendation engine!

Here’s how we’ve evolved:

  • Lella is available for salons / studios as well as freelance service pros
  • Appointments for services or consultations can be made in-person or online
  • Personality-driven recommendations connect users with services they’ll love!

And most importantly, beyond the hair and makeup and 1:1 yoga classes, is the community we’ve created. The Lella tribe is built upon conscious connection, and meaningful matches. Search Pros based on their location, skillset, lifestyle, personality, and even by languages spoken. Match with experts custom-tailored to your needs. Explore recommended Pros based on what you need and who you’re most likely to get along with.

We believe that your vibe attracts your tribe – and we’re here to help you find yours.

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