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Find Your Tribe | What It Means + How Lella Makes It Happen

Find your tribe. Love them hard.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

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Tribe to me means acceptance, kindred spirits, soul sisters.”

We’ve heard these and a half-dozen other catchy, tribe-y quotes all over Instagram and Pinterest. But what do they mean? We asked a few Lella users what “Tribe” means to them. Here’s what they said:

“My tribe are the people who always have my back. They want nothing but the best for me and never look to tear me down!” – Ocean, Wellness Coach

“Kinship, bonding, togetherness, support.” – Gunther, real estate manager

” Support, love, accountability, understanding for who you are.” – Danielle, Wellness Coach + newborn mama

“Acceptance, kindred spirits, soul sisters.” Kathy, E.R. Nurse

“My tribe is like-minded people; a support system that brings out my better qualities, a safe space.” Vivien, Marketing Manager + Digital Nomad

Lella is a lifestyle booking app that’s built upon the basic tenet of conscious connection through meaningful matches. We believe in immersive wellness – the idea that personalized, custom-tailored Beauty / Wellness / Baby service providers can offer so much more than just the service you book them for.

The concept was inspired by our founder, Mary Bratko’s own story:

I was just a few delicate days postpartum. It was a pretty terrible birth. I lost a lot of blood and literally teetered on the edge of life and death. At first, the hospital was the safest place to be, until I realized that the morphine was preventing me from thinking clearly and I couldn’t bond with my twins. They reluctantly discharged me after a week but I knew I needed ongoing support to help my body regenerate and heal.

Mary’s mother is the founder of an international institute of reflexology. She called upon the support of Paulina, a local reflexologist known for her skillful and passionate approach to her practice. It was clear Mary was in no condition to be traveling to Paulina for treatments, so the reflexologist offered to do house calls instead.

Book reflexology treatments for yourself or a loved one using the Lella app

“During our sessions, Paulina not only did the reflexology treatment she came to do but spent the entire time talking to me about parenting newborns as she’d recently given birth herself! Her role in my early days postpartum expanded from reflexologist to confidante as I often cried through our treatments about how hazy and exhausted I felt. She took the time to teach me about colic and gassy babies. We chatted about organic solutions her pediatrician had suggested and even brought over some of the natural remedies she’d been given for her own son. She brought microwaveable compress packs to sooth engorged breasts in the early days of breastfeeding, and even came to us once with homemade Vietnamese pho soup and fresh-baked bread. By the time I felt well enough to stop our treatments, Paulina had even helped us bathe the twins for the first time. In the blink of an eye she had become an integral part of my postpartum tribe.

Here at Lella, finding your tribe means connecting with people in your life who make an impact so much bigger than you expected. Your tribe is made up of the ones you love, trust, honour, rely upon, confide in, and learn from. These are the conscious connections on which we’re built… not just this app but all of is, every day, since the beginning of time!

We’re moving connection from tech to tribe.

Mary Bratko, Founder of Lella

How do I find my tribe?

With the Lella app, your personality is your power. The more questions you answer that tell us about what your lifestyle, your preferences, what you love and what you don’t, the better-matched you’ll be with services and Pros just like you! When matching you with services, Lella filters not just by location or skillset but also language spoken, lifestyle similarities, personality compatibility, even based on which Pro is rated as most popular nearby!

After you’ve completed your Lella service, rate and recommend your Pro to help others in our tribe get best-matched as well. Share the app with your BFFs and your favourite beauty, wellness, and baby pros too! You never know whose life you could change by offering them a piece of your tribe as well.

Join. Browse. Book. Connect.

You can download the Lella (Beta version) now:

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