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Appointments, Bookings and Payments

Lella allows you to select your Cancellation Policy as part of your Pro Profile Settings. Currently Lella offers strict and flexible Cancellation Policy options.

Any clients you’ve worked with through Lella can be messaged using your in-app chat feature.

Yes, of course. Part of the Lella solution is that Pros can quickly and easily cancel a service if something comes up – no more awkward phone tag or unread text messages. Just select your booking from the Lella Services Calendar and cancel. You can message your client right away to re-book. | Coming Soon: Service modification feature

The recurring booking feature is being built and is coming soon!

Your Lella notifications will let you know when a client has messaged you with a question, when you’ve received a new booking, or when a service has been changed or cancelled. You can manage your notifications in your phone settings as well as in your Lella app

Yes, of course, you can book yourself to be unavailable ever day at noon for your lunch hour, or just on Tuesdays so you can attend your son’t soccer game. Just set your availability in your Hours of Operation and enjoy life on your own terms.

We all know no-shows happen, but it doesn’t mean we like it! Clients who don’t show up for your booked service and don’t cancel in advance or give you sufficient notice (based on your Lella Cancellation Policy) will be charged the full amount of the service and you will be paid for it in full.

All Lella bookings are currently confirmed automatically. Coming soon: Pros will have the option to input whether they prefer to manually accept bookings or auto-accept.

Currently Lella is set up to accept cashless payment by Visa, Mastercard, or credit-debit. Additional payment options like in-person cash, bank transfer, and others will be coming soon!

General Help

We know that sometimes new things can be tricky to learn. Connect with our Lella Support Crew anytime, day or night, to ask questions and get your services up and running – like a pro! Lella Customer Care is available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and live chat on our website.

We know that sometimes new things can be tricky to learn. Connect with our Lella Support Crew anytime, day or night, to ask questions and get your services up and running – like a pro! Lella Customer Care is available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and live chat on our website.

Registration & Setting Up My Profile

If you’re a freelancer or service provider with your own business you can register with Lella anytime! If you’re a team member at someone else’s business (i.e. a studio or salon) you can sign up on your own as a freelancer AND you can tell your boss to sign the businesses up to Lella as well! (use your Pro referral link and you’ll earn Lella points with our thanks)

Lella is currently only available for iOS and Android.

Hey Pros! Lella is 100% commission-free and it always will be!

Absolutely! Lella is free for clients, while Pros who sign up don’t pay anything until they book their first service!

Lella is currently available worldwide for iOS and Android users, anywhere you have a data or wi-fi connection! As we are still growing, Lella is currently only available to Pros in Canada, the United States, and Poland.

You sure can! Just hop on over to your Lella Account Settings and change away!

To avoid any confusion with getting in touch, Lella only allows one mobile phone number to be attached to your account (you can update it in your Account Profile if you’d like!)

Even though you’ve used one set of details to create your Lella account you can feel free to update these as necessary in the future! Just go to your Lella Account Details and update.

Lella is the world’s 1st lifestyle booking app that lets you browse beauty, wellness, and mama/baby-related services nearby, or search what you’re looking for around the world. The more you share with us about your personality, preferences, and lifestyle through our Lella Profile Quizzes, the better we’ll be able to suggest services and pros you might not know about but we’re sure you’ll LOVE! Click on a Pro to view their services offered and select a service to create a booking. You can connect with your Pro for services at their location (i.e. salon, studio), at your home or hotel room, or virtually – online! Once your service is complete, rate your Pro and let us know how it went.

Once you’ve followed Lella’s sign-up prompts and entered the required information to create your account you’ll be emailed a confirmation code to verify, and – just like that – you’re live on Lella!

Registration is easy-peasy! Just download Lella to your smartphone, select whether you’re a Client or a Pro (service provider) and follow the sign-up prompts. You’ll be asked to check your email for a confirmation code and as soon as it’s entered, you’re in!

Setting Up My Services

Lella Holiday hours are coming soon!

Yes, of course! Your Lella schedule manager allows for time to be booked off during the day. Enjoy your lunch!

The Lella booking integration feature is coming soon!

All Lella services require a booking price, but you can make a service free if you’d like to use it as a marketing offer or special promo!

Lella offers Industry Categories for you: Beauty, Fitness, Soul Space, Mama Baby, Health/Wellness – and specific subcategories are coming soon!

The sooner your clients start booking you on Lella the sooner you’ll enjoy an organized schedule, cashless payment, prompted gratuity, and worldwide visibility of your brand and services to other Lella users. Build your Lella digital portfolio to showcase your best work and you’ll be recommended to clients in your area who may not already know about you. And the sooner your clients start booking you through Lella, they’ll start earning Lella loyalty points for free services down the road!

All services available at the same location can be added to one Lella Pro account. For example, a Birth Doula offering Childbirth Classes, Birth Support, Hypnobirthing Courses, and Postpartum support from her home or at a client’s location. In the event that you’re operating different services from different physical addresses, more than one Lella account will need to be set up.

The Lella scheduling system marks your time as unavailable when a service is booked. As a Pro you can set how much time you need per service and this is the amount of time Lella will block off when a client makes the booking. There’s no risk of this time slot appearing as available unless the service is cancelled.

Longterm availability restriction features are coming soon!

As soon as you’ve signed up as a Lella Pro, you’re ready to go! Get started with adding your services and telling your friends you’re now available to be booked through the Lella app.

The sky’s the limit with services you can offer through Lella! So much of what you offer can be turn into a service that someone else needs and will pay for. For example, if you’re a Make-Up Artist, you can offer make-up applications at your home, at your client’s location, or virtual 1:1 makeup lessons online! You can get creative and offer services like personalized skincare lessons or online make-up shopping services. {next line} Are you a midwife or birth doula? Offer virtual consultations to answer an expectant mama’s questions, book in-person labour practice sessions, or you can sell your entire service packages through Lella as well.

Lella schedule-planning allows Pros to be available when they want and unavailable when they don’t. Set your days and hours to work for you and you’ll only receive booking requests during those times.

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